false CNN Refuses To Report Illegal Alien Serial Killer Who Murdered 19 Elderly Women In Texas

CNN Refuses To Report Illegal Alien Serial Killer Who Murdered 19 Elderly Women In Texas

by Brian Hayes

CNN has refused to air a report about an illegal alien who was charged in Dallas, Texas for murdering 19 elderly women — and who may be a suspect in dozens more.

The story broke last month when Kenyan national Billy Chemirmir, 46, was charged with the deaths of six women in Dallas County and then was charged on Thursday with the deaths of five women in Collin County. Chemirmir was already in prison from charges he faces from 2018 involving another alleged murder of an elderly woman.

The story garnered national attention and was widely reported on at most news organizations, except for CNN.

On CNN’s website, there are no reports about the case, and the network buried the story on its television coverage, giving it minimum coverage so it could not be accused of ignoring it completely.

This, despite the fact that Chemirmir is also being investigated in hundreds of unsolved deaths or attacks, and the victims are mostly elderly women who were in nursing homes. 

Police are now also reviewing some 750 cases of “unexplained deaths” of women at one time in his care for possible criminal activity on his part.

Texas prosecutors announced on August 2nd that they are seeking the death penalty against Chemirmir.

If he was responsible for even a fraction of those deaths, this illegal alien could be one of the the worst serial killers in U.S. history.

But you wouldn’t know that if you watched CNN.

A few days after the story broke, CNN slipped in a 21-second segment on its early Saturday morning news show, airing the clip at 6:37 a.m. EST.

No further segments have aired.

21 seconds in 2 months for a monster who may have murdered dozens of Americans?

Is it because he would “reflect poorly” on illegal aliens?

This is not the first time that the leftist network has failed to report on major national stories that either harm the agenda of the Democratic Party or that make the Democratic Party look bad.

Another example of this type of selective narrative-based reporting came in late 2017 when Politico released a bombshell report on how the Obama administration enabled the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah to grow worldwide by sabotaging a massive federal investigation into the Islamic terror group.

CNN again failed to write a report on the story and once again buried the story on its television coverage, airing a 25-second clip that greatly whitewashed Politico’s report at 5:23 a.m. EST on a Saturday.

This is the same news organization that has found it newsworthy to report:

620 thoughts on “CNN Refuses To Report Illegal Alien Serial Killer Who Murdered 19 Elderly Women In Texas

  1. This will NOT stop until one of their OWN is the next victim,,then disgustingly, THEY will want “Justice” and more Outrageously, OUR PRAYERS when THEY, THEMSELVES, don’t believe in them.

    1. Has he been found guilty be a jury of his piers? If NOT he is not guilty snd is legally not a murderer. When are the “Conservatives” going read and understand the Constitution. Real Conservatives read and understand and follow the US Constitution.

      1. Do you mean ‘peers'” Little tough reading your question, you know, with the spelling error, and grammar errors. But, maybe I’m not a ‘real’ conservative, I dunno.

        1. Oh how you have this backwards because I’m a real conservative man and I will check what I don’t know to be true so speak for yourself OK. CNN is the one who is saying that and CNN is known for it’s bullshit stories and LIES. Yet here’s another one of cnn lies and cover ups. I say cover-ups because they have only once said or shown a little clip of the story. It was on a Saturday morning before most people are even out of bed and it was a 25 second video. If you wanted to see anything more on it you had to go into their archives to find it. Oh cnn what a dirt bag of a channel. We know why your channel is in the shit list for news. Your a disgrace to true, unbiased news for the masses ! ! What a shame and sham ! ! If I want the truth I just watch your channel and then I know that it’s a lie so I just go opposite and I’m Right. It’s crazy but it tells me the truth. Mark white you need to go back to school or use spell check. If I was you I’d also go back and Read what you have just said and then start over, Sorry bro.

      2. Mark White if you would bother to read ALL the reports on this CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN you Might of noticed the aforementioned miscreant has been in prison since earlier in 2018 for a murder he WAS convicted of❗ That’s what prompted further investigation because the one he is convicted of was also an elderly woman who had been in his care . Bottom line is the sad fact that Once Again CNN is Heavily influenced by far left socialist oriented agenda-apparently much like yourself 😞😵😠 !!!!!

        1. Well said. The left never gathers all the fact before sounding off in their convoluted opinions. So that alone doesn’t surprise me. Kudos to you for seeing it like it really is.

        1. Since when do democrats read the constitution. They convicted kavanaugh on hearsay and found him guilty without a trial. They convict every republican without a trial. Hearsay is what they are using on trump now. That whistle blower never heard anything firsthand. And trump did nothing wrong.

      3. Mark White, good try but epic fail and the comment. He has been convicted of a murder (which the article states) and he OUR constitution doesn’t apply to him, period. Since you’re done reading the constitution ya wanna try reading the article now?

      4. God, you’re an idiot. He was convicted on a murder. And besides that, are you trying to say he shouldn’t be mentioned by the press until he is convicted for the crimes he’s accused of? Wow, you’re dumb. Please don’t have any or any more children.

    2. Who is “they”?? You do realize you sound like a card carrying racist…the victims belong to US!! THEY are victims…it does NOT matter the immigration status of a murderer. What abt these kids that shoot up malls and schools and CHURCHES…where is your post abt “them”….

  2. Sorry, Herman Vogel, but I disagree, they won’t give two hoots in hell if it’s “one of their own” and “they” certainly will not report it, since it doesn’t fall into the very rigid parameters of worthy news reporting as dictated by the “agenda!

  3. The same thing is happening all over Europe. News coverage on attacks are watered down, if they appear at all, because the government does not want to public to know the true extent of all the criminal activity by immigrants. God forbid you complain or say anything. The police have to handle those situations with kid gloves or they’ll be fired. People are losing their jobs for complaining. If you belong to a certain political party that opposes immigration, you can be fired from your job. Restaurants won’t serve you. It’s crazy !! And we here next to nothing about it in the U.S. “Nothing to worry about over here”. It’s a classic Trojan Horse situation.

    1. Everyone knows that the nonreporting of real news is called SOCIALISM.The same thing they had in Russia when it was a communist country.Sorry to say but that’s what we are headed for.

  4. Now that we understand that news networks only cover “their type of story” and since the only give their side we cannot believe them. If we cannot believe the mainstream media we stop watching buying products that are advertised on their networks. Yes boycott every product advertised and we will see if they are willing to give us impartial news or if they would rather have their networks die off like the Dodo bird. PLEASE JOIN US ” WE THE PEOPLE” AND BEGIN THAT BOYCOTT.

    1. That’s a great idea! I will now go out of my way to make lists of product that are advertised on CNN! I will message them and tell them that I will no longer purchase their product. If we all do this weekend Force CNN out of business!

      1. You do realize that, in order for a boycott to work, you have to actually be using the product first? And what of the brands that advertise on CNN AND Fox?

      2. I disagree with a Boycott. That’s a Liberal tactic and Conservatives are better than that. The best way to take down the MSM is to simply change the channel and/or stop buying their publications. When viewer/subscribers are getting low enough the advertisers will take their business elsewhere to get the most out of their advertising money. Boycotts work sometimes, but also hurt the innocent employees of those companies. IMO

        1. There was a witness to one and a lot of jewelry, etc found in his apartment that belonged to the women murdered. You might check the facts before asking what Conservatives read.

    2. boycott who? being a good american, I do not watch or listen to socialist, or communist media. I prefer not to fill my head with too much liberal sh**, and 1 thought of that is too much..

  5. That’s a great idea! I will now go out of my way to make lists of product that are advertised on CNN! I will message them and tell them that I will no longer purchase their product. If we all do this we CAN Force CNN out of business!

  6. Some of us remember living without TV! We listened to radio, visited more with family and friends, watched children play inside and outside, worked in our gardens and yards, Father’s took their families to church, we played games,etc, etc! We were happier and not nearly as angry as the world is today! MAYBE WE DO NOT NEED TV NEWSCASTERS? MAYBE WE DO NOT NEED A SCREEN IN OUR FACE SO MANY HOURS?

    1. No Martin, do you really think the screen is the problem? Maybe back then you didn’t need to sit around a radio for so long huh? Way to completely miss the point. News was played thru the radio just the same as on tv and these same tactics can be used to control what comes across so your comment is essentially useless. Not to mention, this is what the world has become today because of the mistakes of the last generation, ya know all those people sitting around the radio. Smh

  7. What do you expect from them, news????? If it doesn’t fit their narrative they don’t run it.

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  9. Who said all illegal aliens were Mexican? Or Central American??

    It would NOT surprise me if this guy was sent in as a TEST RUN…to see if the deep state or “other faction”…could pull it off.

    What really twists me up is the fact he is a Kenyan national. I wonder if he’s related to Obama? Planted by…?



    1. What the heck are you talking about 😂😂😂 A test run, really? Have you been watching spy movies again? Kenya, just fyi, is a U.S. ally and I highly doubt if they WERE to do a “test run” that they would have him targeting elderly woman, although we all know how much of a threat those old folks are right? You sound insane.

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