Trump Makes BIG Move to Cut Off ‘Anchor Baby’ Moms Crossing Border

Pregnant Mexican national Isabel Lopez waits at BP checkpoint near Nogales, AZ

by Brian Hayes

For the first time ever, Border Patrol officers are returning pregnant migrants to Mexico — most of them crossing the border in their 8th and 9th months of pregnancy — and the media and Democrats are absolutely livid over it.

Under the headline, “Pregnant women, other vulnerable asylum seekers are returned to Mexico to await hearings,” the Los Angeles Times described how President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy is reducing the ability of adventurous migrants to give birth in the United States:

When Enma Hernandez crossed the Rio Grande here illegally about two weeks ago and approached Border Patrol agents seeking asylum, she told them she was eight months pregnant.

Hernandez, 26, said she had fled Guatemala hoping to join her husband and 2-year-old daughter in Miami. Instead, U.S. immigration officials returned her to Ciudad Juarez under the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Hernandez says American officials have always previously let pregnant women remain in the U.S. until their asylum cases were decided. “We should be an exception because we are vulnerable,” she said. “It’s dangerous for us here.”

Four other pregnant migrants crossed the bridge on Thursday with her, along with a new mother carrying her 6-day-old daughter. All were immediately put into the Remain in Mexico program.

Anchor babies DENIED!

Under President Barack Obama, all pregnant migrants were invited to remain in the United States pending a courtroom hearing for their asylum claims. Many never showed up for their hearings.

But when the vast majority (over 90%) of those migrants lost their claims for asylum, Obama’s deputies barred enforcement officials from deporting the migrants because of their U.S.-born children, dubbed “anchor babies.”

Many migrants recognized this opportunity and rationally grabbed American citizenship for their children. However, the new policy may reduce the number of visibly pregnant migrants who try to claim asylum.


An October 2918 study by the Center for Immigration Studies shows that almost 300,000 children are born to illegal immigrants each year. That number is equivalent to one of every thirteen children born each year.

By May 17, the Department of Homeland Security had sent 6,004 migrants back to Mexico, including several pregnant migrants.

The returned migrants, however, are far slower than the flood across the border. During April and May, roughly 200,000 migrants rushed through the catch and release loopholes to cross the border.

The Remain in Mexico program — which is now called the “Migrant Protection Protocols ” — is growing because it has survived the first round of legal fights.

As we reported on May 8th, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Trump can send migrants back to Mexico to await the results of their (almost always phony) claims for refugee status.

BorderPac estimates the Remain in Mexico policy could reduce the number of migrants admitted to the U.S. each year by nearly 200,000.

No wonder the left is losing their minds over it.

27 thoughts on “Trump Makes BIG Move to Cut Off ‘Anchor Baby’ Moms Crossing Border

  1. Finally some progress! Back to the other side where you belong until approved. None of this run around and maybe you’ll show up to court BS the previous admistrations let happen for far to long.

    1. They’re called sheep who don’t fight for nothing due to REFUSING to ASSIMILATE!! They do as they’re told or lose the resources. They DON’T know how to fight for THE CONSTITUTION therefore USED BY THE DEMONRATS!! The AMERICAN tax payers have had ENOUGH especially while OUR own American babies are being MURDERED through ABORTION while the ILLEGAL “LIVING!” children come into America to freely live the America dream!!?? ELIMINATE THE INCENTIVES NOW!! SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020?????????AMEN

  2. Why isn’t the UN doing their job and running refugee camps at both end of Mexico for all the so-called refugees? Why are they permitted to traverse the length of Mexico?

    We should seize a large chunk of northern Mexico as a buffer zone and impose martial law on it. We are hosting millions of Mexican citizens, the Mexican govt. is unable to control much of it, and the Mexican govt. has long aided and abetted the invasion of the US by foreigners all over the world.

    1. Because the UN is funding and supporting their migration to the U.S. The UN and Red Cross were supplying them with tents, new clothing, medical care, food, bottled water, cash and chartered buses to get them here! Why didn’t the UN help them while in their home state?

      The UN is no longer (if ever they were) a friend of the United States. They want to overwhelm our country with non-English-speaking illegals who have no job, no education, no money, no knowledge of our laws and no plan once they get here. They will be a complete drain on our resources. The UN wants to destabilize us and many other countries so that we will be divided and weak and ripe for a behind-the-scenes takeover.

      1. They’re called sheep who don’t fight for nothing due to REFUSING to ASSIMILATE!! They do as they’re told or lose the resources. They DON’T know how to fight for THE CONSTITUTION therefore USED BY THE DEMONRATS!! The AMERICAN tax payers have had ENOUGH especially while OUR own American babies are being MURDERED through ABORTION while the ILLEGAL “LIVING!” children come into America to freely live the America dream!!?? ELIMINATE THE INCENTIVES NOW!! SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020?????????

    2. That would probably mean a war with the cartels who control the northern part of Mexico. The government of Mexico is also corrupt so we would have to whoop their butts to.

      1. True, that’s what seizing territory often entails. But I doubt Mexico could do much about it. In my dreams we give them CA back first. They need some good subjugation too.

    3. I am actually convinced we should just seize Mexico, make it part of the US, impose Martial Law there and go in and clean it up. Dispose of the drug cartels and get things up and running so it becomes livable again.

      1. Cleaning it all up sounds good and well, except we don’t seem to have the fortitude to clean up our own inner cities that are overburdened with crime.

  3. This is LONG past due. Thank you President Trump for doing the correct thing in this area. It has been a drain on the American economy, our socialist security funds and our future as a country.

  4. And that’s the problem.. They knew if they crossed illegally during their last trimester they could stay and get everything for free. I am glad Trump is enforcing this . No orher countries put up with this why should we…

  5. I so agree! We have to protect our country. We have homeless American citizens, we have children, veterans and elderly going without the basics, food, safety and medical care. Our resources should be used to help our own. WE have to step out from behind our computers or phones and make those WE elected hear us. We need to vote for Conservatives, we need to demand voter ID, we need to write, call, email or text Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the obstructionists who are out to destroy our country! Get active , be heard and pray.

  6. About time to stop all these Anchor babies and their illegal scum Parents. NO MORE ASYLUM for ANYONE especially if they cross illegally.

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