Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls on the U.N. to Take Control of U.S. Border and Keep It Open

by Brian Hayes

Ilhan Omar is reportedly having an affair with a married man and illegally filling his pockets with campaign cash.

But in a speech on Wednesday Ilhan Omar then had the gall to accuse America of losing “its moral high ground.”

She may want to check herself first.

Today, Omar discussed the massive influx of illegals flooding the U.S. border.

And, as usual, Omar showed her chilling hatred of the country that rescued her family from its Somali hell-hole.

Ilhan Omar actually called on the United Nations to take control of the U.S. Southern border during a talk on immigration in south Minneapolis Wednesday.

Ilhan wants an unimpeded river of third world illegal migrants to cross into America.

Ilhan Omar told the crowd:

“We should do what any other country does by dealing with this situation in a serious way. So, we have to bring in the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”

Is this woman ever on the same side as America?

63 thoughts on “Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls on the U.N. to Take Control of U.S. Border and Keep It Open

    1. Goldie Childress *antisemitic, you dolt. And don’t you dare talk about her being an adulterer, when you obviously support Captain Cantaloupe, a repeat adulterer.

      1. This racist woman is in the middle of breaking up someone’s marriage and talking about moral high ground?
        There’s a big difference between being in the middle of committing an immoral act while you’re holding a public office and committing one before you ever held any office. The moral high ground also includes obeying the law of the land and not being a subversive by continually pushing hate and causing conflict in a country that took her family in and attempting to get a foreign power to overthrow the law of this country by opening our borders. Just who in the hell does she think she is?!! Her ungrateful ass should be exiled back to where she came from so she can see first hand what they do to female adulterers there.

      2. You sound like a moron Michelle.
        “Don’t you dare”..? lol
        Omar is of little moral character, that’s clear..but she can wag her finger at others?
        Just sit down…your embarrassing yourself.

      3. The tramp should be stoned to death and better to be a cantaloupe than a mulatto terrorist enabler who dropped pallets of cash on the tarmac in a country that kills Americans and funds terrorists around the world.

      4. He may be an adulterer too but at the end of the day she’s not President! Also what she is calling for is highly illegal sedition and treasonous you Dolt!

      5. another idiot so you support this American Christian hating lady who is out to destroy what’s left of America ……what a jackass you are

    2. She is merely doing what Islam has conditioned her to do since childhood. Advance the cause of Islam through their ongoing jihad. America is one of their biggest barriers and must be defeated. Muslims will not give up striving to set up a global Caliphate. America must not cave in as Europe is doing.

    3. See, i dont blame Omar at all , she is an enemy of US and we know that, thats what they do .I have a problem with the traitors who elected her. They are the problem.And if the governmet is not kicking her off the chair, they are the problem.

  1. A liberal lunatic wants to hand over control of our border to an even larger group of liberal lunatics……. makes total sense if your mentally ill…… and she is certainly mentally ill!

  2. Omar is a Terrorist …. masquerading as a congress person.
    She obviously HATES America and Americans.
    She needs to be sanctioned!

    1. the comments are recording on east coast time zone. so they show the 30th .

      Her citizenship can be revoked …. if she concealed material facts or otherwise made a material misrepresentation on her naturalization and immigration application….

      1. Somebody check her dna prove she’s not related to omar’s But, she is related to her brother who she married. That should be enough to send her packing.

  3. Ya let me know how that will work out. Bring 15k UN troops to force Trump to keep our border open???????? Won’t be pretty for the other guys…..

  4. Go ahead and see how well that works out for you. That would be the end of the United States being part of the UN. It’s way overdue and just the National Guard of Texas could turn away any UN force brought to bear. You forget that the National Guard is at the control of the governor not the Congress.

    1. She has nothing to do with our country an there are 2 more cunts that dont like our country an obama is responsible for them being here

    UNGREATFUL EVIL Little Person from our Congress and our COUNTRY Eventually from our MEMORY NOW!

  6. As a Minnesotan. I am ashamed and disgusted that this cockroach could even be elected. Thank you Obama for dumping this ungrateful Somali population on us here in MN without permission of the people!

  7. WHO the hell does this stupid bitch think she is . She about to Start a war an I’m locked an loaded an ready to drop them as soon as they come across . That’s a invasion an I have the right to protect what’s mine .

  8. Omar does not possess the requisite character for her office. If she ever occupied the moral high ground, she long ago went rolling down the hill.

  9. I hope the people who put her in office understand the damage they have caused. She represents just about everything this country detests and she is getting paid from our tax dollars to do so. Who has the guts to pull her out of office?

    1. We conquired it fair and square. Just like all the “natives” were trying to do to each other. The “natives” arguement is moot anyway, as they too had to come from somewhere. Have a great time enjoying the technologies, comforts and other advances brought to you by Europeans! #NotSorry

  10. We have “a rifle behind every blade of grass” and they will have no chance. She will suffer the same fate as the invading forces she invited.

  11. I can see the sheets seeting to come on out, you all are bunch of hypocrites. Thump is an admitted adulter, a pedophlie, a cheat, lier, molester of women, sided with AMERIKKKA enemy of yhe CIA and FBI. Now here come you brain sick people talking about someone hates AMERIKKKA and calling her an adulter just because it was stated here.
    Smh. Ass backwards thinking and this from a group of people who claim to love Amerikkka. No you do not love Amerikkka you love the racist hate Amerikkka stand for.

    1. As a disabled marine its amazing we have people like you in this and her can both go back to Somalia. We would be better off!

    2. 1st of all, we live in AMERICA. I don’t know what country you’re talking about.

      2nd, we are talking about an armed invasion by an army of foreigners call for by an AMERICAN hating foreigner.

      Return to whatever country you call home.

  12. Someone needs to take that dollar store dishrag off her greasy head and rap it around her skinny neck and twist it ’til you a nice little snap! That nasty worthless muslim whore is a islamic terrorist wannabe! That whole district she “so-calls” represents needs to be fire bombed!

  13. That nasty little who’re slept her way in with Obama and his husband!! Send her back and let her own kind rape burn behead her ass as she derserves

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