TRUMP AXES ‘LADY DACA,’ Amid ‘Massive’ Border Overhaul

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by Brian Hayes

Kirstjen Nielsen has been forced to resign as Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary in the midst of soaring illegal immigration levels and an expanded Catch and Release policy under her direction.

On Sunday, after meeting with her in the Oval Office, President Trump wrote online that Nielsen — reviled as weak by conservatives who called her “Lady DACA” — would be leaving her position as head of DHS.

The President did not waste time putting in a replacement.

Nielsen’s resignation as DHS secretary comes amid a surge of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and an expanded Catch and Release policy that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has been tasked with carrying out.

During Nielsen’s tenure as DHS secretary, illegal immigration has increased nearly every month over the last year and a half. Simultaneously, the Trump administration has yet to construct a border wall on new land at the southern border that did not previously have barriers built by the Bush and Obama administrations.

Most recently, officials with the National ICE Council accused Nielsen of “grossly” mismanaging DHS and failing to acknowledge that the agency had been operating an expanded Catch and Release policy for border crossers and illegal aliens for months.

Her resignation follows by one day Trump’s yanking of ICE Nominee Ronald Vitiello — stunning all of Washington, as his confirmation was expected to “sail through.”

Trump said he wanted a “tougher direction” than Vitiello. He reportedly either did not consult Nielsen, or didn’t care much what she thought:

A reportedly “furious” President Trump has decided to axe all the “weak” heads of his agencies, and put border hardliner Stephen Miller back in full charge of immigration.

Immigration hawks applauded the move:

John Urban, policy director for anti-illegal immigration group BorderPAC welcomes the change: “Though certainly not her fault alone, Nielsen tenure as DHS head has been a disaster, much worse than anyone could have imagined. And ICE is completely overwhelmed and needs the strongest hand possible. The President has a crisis on his hands and needs a wartime consigliere to deal with it. Nielsen and Vitiello were not up to that task.”

Nielsen was always an unpopular choice for immigration control advocates, given her disturbing past on the issue. As Breitbart News chronicled:

Nielsen previously served in the Bush administration overseeing a crisis team following the destruction of New Orleans, Louisiana, by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Bush administration had waved federal regulations to allow an unlimited level of illegal immigration into the Gulf Coast to take low-skill jobs rebuilding the region. Nielsen previously chaired a World Economic Forum committee that authored a report praising mass migration into Europe. For her confirmation process to DHS, Nielsen worked with an assortment of allies that worked vigorously in the 2016 presidential election to oppose Trump, including Frances Townsend and Tom Ridge.

Nielsen was chosen on the recommendation of then-Chief of Staff General John Kelly, for whom Nielsen had been deputy when Kelly was DHS Secretary.

Trump accepted the recommendation, but soon came to regret it. they clashed incessantly, as the border situation immediately deteriorated, and Nielsen meekly handled the fake controversy over “family separations” at the border, and let Senate hearings become a one-way shouting match at her. Now with both Kelly and Nielsen gone, and close aide Miller put in apparent charge, big changes may be coming at the border.

They certainly can’t get much worse.

This is a developing story. Refresh this page for more details as they emerge.

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