Border Crisis: Texas Town Overrun with Crime and Disease. The Mayor Has Had ENOUGH

by Brian Hayes

“From my standpoint, I don’t even know why we have federal elected officials,” said exasperated Uvalde, Texas, Mayor Don McLaughlin.

Uvalde is a small town of 17,000 inhabitants, and they are now overrun by illegal immigrants and an international cartel smuggling operation. Uvalde is 40-60 miles from the border, but it might as well be right at the border. In an interview with Conservative Review, McLaughlin unleashed:

“We are in no man’s land. The state is not doing anything; the federal government is not doing anything,” the mayor, who is begging the politicians to get involved, said. “We are getting nothing. I’ve lived here all my life and have never seen anything like this. The people in the communities are getting scared. What is coming that we don’t see? Who knows? People up north and in D.C. have no clue what is going on here. They don’t realize that these people are not being screened for diseases. We’re fed up.”

Situated at the crossroads of major highways coming up from border towns in the Laredo and Del Rio border sectors, Uvalde has now become a dumping ground for migrants coming north. And they are not just coming from Central America. Del Rio has received hundreds of African migrants in recent weeks. Uvalde has a Border Patrol holding facility, and according to McLaughlin, whenever it is full, if the city doesn’t take charge, many immigrants are released in a Walmart parking lot. Mayor McLaughlin said his city must pick up the tab to have them bused to San Antonio. On Friday, local media reported that San Antonio has now received hundreds of African migrants.

“In Uvalde, Border Patrol told us if we didn’t have buses ready right at the holding facility, they would have released them in a parking lot at a Walmart or a Stripes. This is what’s happening in outlying areas, but thanks to our working relationship with Border Patrol, we make sure to have buses ready. We just don’t have the facilities for them. We have to pay for these buses out of our pockets, and our citizens are mad.”

But it’s the people they don’t see who concern residents of Uvalde the most.

“In addition to those being released in parking lots to get bused into San Antonio, what we are really concerned about is the increased foot traffic to our community. We have checkpoints on highway 90 and 83. The migrants are walking around the checkpoints. Now we are starting to see more calls to police of people walking through the neighborhoods, [of] finding car doors open [and] storerooms open. The Border Patrol is seeing this on their cameras, but they just don’t have the agents to respond. The foot traffic around the checkpoints has increased by 100 percent.”

McLaughlin is worried about crime.

“With the Border Patrol so busy with the family units, we are seeing an increase in the bad guys. Our DPS and local authorities in surrounding communities are having more car chases. When they crash the cars, all of the smugglers bail out. Border Patrol can’t always respond, so we need to take officers and deputies to track down these people. Three weeks ago, we had a group come right in middle of town, they bailed out and we had to put all our schools on lockdown. We caught all eight individuals, but it took all day.”

In addition, McLaughlin said that there are often dozens of illegal immigrants piled on freight trains coming into his town. He said Border Patrol often lacks the resources to to check the freight trains, but recently they have caught as many as 35 in a single group. “These are the bad guys with criminal records. According to Border Patrol, 99 percent of these guys on those trains are bad guys and have criminal records. They can’t get in any other way, so they’re sneaking in on freight trains.”

McLaughlin noted that he called his Republican congressman, William Hurd, as well as the two Texas senators, the governor, and the state attorney general, but can’t get any meaningful response from them.

“I don’t hear any of them prioritizing this issue. We had a citizen last week who was just on his property right where they stopped the freight train. Some of the illegals got off the train, got on his property, and confronted him. One of them started to get aggressive and the guy threatened him. That night he and his family couldn’t sleep. His grandkids won’t even come over any more to swim in the pool unless he sits there with a shotgun. That’s how much traffic we’re getting here right in Uvalde. He’s a farmer who’s been here all his life and is now thinking of moving.”

“There are ranchers around here seeing more break-ins and vehicles being stolen. It’s just a sad situation. We’ve dealt with immigration all our life, but we never had a problem of this magnitude. And most of them who used to come through were congenial people and we didn’t have to worry. Now they are aggressive. Some are coming to hunting camps and robbing the hunters.”

I heard a similar story earlier this year from county officials in New Mexico on how they see a huge change in the attitude of some of the migrants coming in through this wave from the past, even though they’ve been dealing with illegal immigration for many years.

Then of course there are the drugs. “Border Patrol is so busy with the families that the cartels are increasing the flow of narcotics with impunity,” McLaughlin warned.

Finally, there are the health issues. “They are taking them into a 10×10 room and asking them if they are OK. They have no idea what diseases they are carrying,” he added. “We had two people quarantined here in Uvalde with the mumps, and there might be a third case. They are not doing anything to check these people for other diseases.”

Hidalgo County, Texas, already has 46 confirmed cases of mumps in the country. As I reported before, while Border Patrol screens out those in need of triage, there is no mechanism to ensure that all these migrants who don’t exhibit apparent symptoms of diseases in front of them are safe to be released.

Now, with the influx of Africans, particularly into the Del Rio Sector, the mayor said there is widespread concern of other diseases such as Ebola.

The small-town mayor is simply stupefied that major Texas state and federal politicians of both parties are not making a bigger deal of what’s going on. “Why don’t they hold a press conference attracting national attention? It’s going to take someone being killed in our community before we get the national attention.”

The tragedy of towns like Uvalde and similar areas in Texas is that they have a great history of doing immigration the right way. “We’re close to 90 percent Hispanic, and our community does not want these people in town. They get very upset they are being released here. They ought to be doing it like their grandparents did. They did it legally. These people are mad as hell.”

21 thoughts on “Border Crisis: Texas Town Overrun with Crime and Disease. The Mayor Has Had ENOUGH

  1. Can you organize enough local residents (legal) to form a Gauntlet and have a big (cattle) drive to escort them back across the border ? I can be down there in 2-3 days to help . Rolling Thunder is another resource . Somehow the U.S Citizens need to take some kind of action . There must be an humane way to put them back across the border without bothering the government .

    1. It wouldn’t take too much advertising to get probably hundreds of American citizen volunteers. Get everything ready and when you have a bunch of the volunteers, make a sweep through the whole area. Round them up, put them in buses or trucks and take them back to the border and usher them across. Set up encampments of volunteers to make sure they don’t come back in. Put out 10 man patrols assigned to specific areas so that the whole border is covered.

    2. Why HUMANE? Form a militia and drop all their bodies over the border! You can bet the governments will get active after that!

  2. It’s a sad time in our history. If the Gov isnt helping then it’s up to Texans to control the border. We all need the border states to keep these people out. If anyone breaks into your home or on your property and you feel threatened that’s what our 2nd amendment is for. Vote Red or you’ll be worse off

  3. Out whole country is like this I was a union carpenter I got sick and was receiving disability a very low amount then had it taken away tried to go back to work and suffered 14 strokes and still can’t get any assistance after all the years working but democrats can take all the working class money and give it to people who don’t belong here and are criminals never mind when they start there bullshit gangs it’s a disgrace and the mayor of Boston and Elizabeth Warren want to make ma. A sanctuary state fuck that throw them all out now and keep them out they’re not owed anything from us at all

    1. In Maine they literally evicted citizens from public housing in order to house so called refugees. Maine is a bastion of craziness in government lunacy anymore.

    2. I’m with you! 41+ years working in manufacturing and some pencil pushing dick-head declines my application for disability! Can’t stand, walk, or sit very long, but they freely give OUR money to illegals and terrorists posing as refugees!

    1. How can someone NOT know about these situations that occur daily…unless of course you buy the DNC koolaid that says theres not a problem

  4. The u.s. constitution does not say we have the RIGHT to replace a failing government…
    It says it is our OBLIGATION to replace a failing government.!!
    I was raised north of Boston, smack dab in the middle of where this country began, the tea party, battle of Lexington and concord, the shot heard around the world, etc…And i can tell you this, the patriots that fought and died for this country are rolling in their graves…NOTat the actions of our government…BUT at the inaction of her CITIZENS.!!! AT WHAT POINT DO WE STAND TOGETHER AND TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.!! I for one will stand and fight for this great country to my dying breath.!! We are either100% American..or we will be nothing at all.!! Remember, these politicians work FOR US.!! ..end rant.

    1. I agree with you. It is time to stop this invasion of our country at all cost. We should be stopping at the border instead taking them in and feeding ,them etc. It is just a matter time WE WILL NOT HAVE A UNITED NATION. And not long after that we will have become a 3rd World Country. If our Public Officials in Washington don’t get off there ass VOTE THEM OUT.

    2. Omg!! Finally another true US Patriotic American like myself!!! You are the first American citizen that says it exactly as I do as it ought be said!!! I keep asking who? Who will stand with me??? Who will help me to protect, preserve, defend & fight for it all!!! What is going on in our great country is beyond lunacy!!! It is absolute lunacy that the US American citizens are just idly sitting by being lackadaisical and under the veil of well I’m an American in America therefore I am safe. No danger or harm will come my way & befall me!!! Leaving all this up to a corrupt government that cause this to now fix it is absolutely ludacrious!!! I mean for God sakes our US Constitution is on the table, our Rights are on the table & our very Freedom for the first time in our history since we got it all!!! When is enough going to be enough before we the people get up off our asses & at least stand up & make a stand for God’s sake??? When it’s too late & all is lost??? My name is Nadine by the way, if you would like to chat further, please look me up on Facebook under Janet Glandon. May God bless you us & help us all!!!

  5. Texans! Get your guns! Stop taking this invasion sitting down! Your family and way of life is under assault and you must take action to protect! Democratic Socialist are in no way caring about your babies they will watch them be harmed instead!

  6. We need to win back the house with people that will vote in enforceable immigration reform. Let’s go with a plan and stop just complaining!!!

  7. I think the Mayor is wrong — I think Congress really does have a clue as to what’s going on – That the criminals aren’t being screened, etc… The politicians just don’t care. All they want is money linking their pockets, to destroy the States, and, to do the bidding of their communist, and, drug king-pin, puppet-masters.

  8. I am over this invasion bullshit. I am a veteran and it makes me sick that Congress does nothing yet they want a raise! We need to get them out!

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