Democrat Gov. PULLED Nat’l Guard Troops from Border to Spite Trump, Now BEGS Him for Help

by Brian Hayes

As we reported on May 7th, New Mexico’s Trump-hating open-borders governor took radical actions just to spite the President — but now that the results are proving disastrous for her state, she is begging the Feds for more help with the border!

You can’t make this up, folks.

Trump deployed National Guard and U.S. Army troops to the Mexican border to deal with a huge increase in illegal entries in January.

In act of what she called “resistance” against the president, New Mexico’s Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham withdrew 118 National Guard troops from the state’s southern boundary.

She said she did it to counter what she called Trump’s “charade of border fear-mongering,” and as a “protest” against Trump’s move to ban “transgendered” troops from the U.S. military.

The results have been nothing short of disastrous, with drug smuggling activities “exploding” since her deranged move.

As the NY Post reported, Mexican drug cartels and possibly terrorists have been thriving in New Mexico since two border patrol checkpoints were shut down as a result of Lujan Grisham’s withdrawal — with a 1,700% increase in drug smuggling alone in just 3 months.

But now, Lujan Grisham is seeking the federal government’s assistance to manage the impacts of the border crisis on New Mexico.

As KOAT-TV reports:

Lujan Grisham met with federal officials in Washington, D.C., last week, including acting-Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, to discuss the ongoing crisis.

Lujan Grisham asked McAleenan to increase government personnel at the border and requested reimbursement for humanitarian assistance, among other resources.

“The governor wants to continue to urge the federal government to increase its personnel on the border as a means of improving the logistical and communications output,” the governor’s spokesman, Tripp Stelnicki, told KOAT.

Say WHAT?? Trump did increase Guard troops and she removed them! Now that her own citizens are furious, she is trying to pass the buck.

It is not working. Republicans are having a field day with New Mexico’s new, disastrous governor’s actions.

“She declares there’s no crisis. She removes the National Guard, and now she’s there asking for money,” New Mexico GOP Chairman Steve Pearce mocked, KOAT reported.

“Everything in her actions indicate that she believes there’s a crisis, but yet she will not dedicate the resources or request to her colleagues in Congress to start passing the laws that will change the situation there,” he criticized. “The border communities are going to continue to be overrun.”

Just 4 months in and Lujan-Grisham is proving to be one of the worst governors in America. Let’s hope voters remember her open-borders hypocrisy when it comes time for re-election.

111 thoughts on “Democrat Gov. PULLED Nat’l Guard Troops from Border to Spite Trump, Now BEGS Him for Help

    1. Do it right now, don’t wait till the next election, she is so filled with hate for President Trump that she has no business being gov. of anything but some ones outhouse!

        1. That’s called “Chuck Norris toilet papter”. Rough and tough and don’t take any crap off of anyone!

          1. Democrats are domestic enemies. When will America start fighting them back literally?

    2. The citizens of New Mexico have tried in vain to recall this governor. They collected a record number of recall signatures in record time. The problem is to recall the Gov of NM, the State Secretary must accept the petition and start the process. But the NM State Secretary is a die hard Liberal. He’s refusing to even acknowledge the Recall Petition

      1. Looks like New Mexico got the government it voted for and therefore deserved. Enjoy the fruits of your IdiotLibPolicies, fools!! You and Venezuela!

        1. I listened to her anti-American speech at the Albuquerque college graduation. She needs to be impeached!

        2. Trying to keep my head above this liberal swamp in New Mexico! Yes, NM voters are almost as bad as CA, WA, OR, NJ, NY demoncrat voters!

        3. No sir. It was stolen, because the SoS allowed illegal immigrants to vote, and counted those votes. Results were, she was reelected, the 2nd Congressional Seat was stolen, and her buddy Ms Elitist MLG was elected.

          1. My brother’s family is out there. I hate to think of the increased danger they are in thanks to her lawlessness.

        4. We in Michigan have the same conundrum brewing in the Governor’s mansion and attorney general. Pot was on the ballot and the Dem base was motivated to go to the polls. Her first legislative trial balloon was a $0.45/gallon tax hike to fix roads, after previous acministrations’ increases were misdirected away from roads. She evidently thinks we have short memories. Alas, they were short enough to allow her to win the election on a populist, “Fix the d$&@?! n roads” slogan.

        5. I didn’t vote for that lunatic! I have signed the recall, but this state has a long history of corruption, think Bill Richardson. In my county the gal in charge of the elections, was corrupt there was proof but since the gal who reported the corruption was from the opposing party nothing happened. Honest people try but the “mob” keeps winning

        6. I had to check and see the name on your comment. Sounds like something I would have said almost to the letter. I wouldn’t have brought up Venezuela, but nice touch.

      2. There has to be a law on the books that would allow you to go around or through the State Secretary.

        1. It’s in our State Constitution. Zero way around it. Some friends are going to demand her resignation if she becomes the Democrat Nominee for Tom Udahl’s seat in the US Senate.

          1. What was it my momma always told me when growing up to teach me a lesson…. “You made your bed now lye in it” only way they are going to learn is feel the full impact of their stupidity.

        1. Vickey (May 29, 2019 at 6:14 pm)
          The only way they are going to learn is feel the full impact of their stupidity?
          The problem with that is their problem doesn’t stay in their state. It spreads like
          Wildfire everywhere and we’re all going to feel he effects.

          1. Me recommendation in that case is for the adjoining states to use their National Guard troops on their border to contain the illegals in NM! That dufus deserves to be taken physically into custody and put in prison…solitary confinement!!!

      3. YO ROBERT !!—YES!!—There are more DEMOCRAT GOVERNORS in OUR nation that “THE PEOPLE” want recalled !!—Gov Murphy in New Jersey is another DEM GOV that MUST go !!!!!!!!

      4. The New Mexico Secretary of State is not a man, she’s a woman and she is running for the U.S. Senate seat in 2020.

    3. From what I’ve read on the subject, there is now provision in New Mexico for a recall of the governor, only local officials. You need to impeach her.

      1. MLG will never be impeached, Dems hold the house and the Senate…We have what NM voted for. I pile of crap as Governor.

    4. I listened to her anti-American speech at the Albuquerque college graduation. She needs to be impeached!

      1. That is an awesome idea.
        As evidenced with Martinez/Sanchez, the Gov. & Lt. Gov. don’t need to be buddies, but they can have their own opinions and work for the betterment of the State.
        WHERE IS HOWIE MORALES and what are his feelings or does MLG have him locked on a closet somewhere because he isn’t ‘ on her side’?
        In a Federal/State standoff like this, the President should set the rules like he would with any foreign Government! You want something from me, what are you willing to do for your people to get it???
        That’s pretty plain negotiation tactics.

    5. This dumb a$$ b i tch should be charge for dereliction of duty as Governor, and thrown out of office.

  1. She got what see ask for by being such an idiot and the people of NM are paying for it big time. I hope the President tells her to shove where the sun don’t shine. Maybe the people will recall her and kick her ass out of office for her stupidity and hatred.

    1. You are right she got what she asked for. Until NM next election let them suffer. What a dumbass. NM residents should have her removed. President Trump stand your ground with this stupid governor

        1. Not when you put the national guard surrounding the borders of her state. Let her people suffer the consequences of voting her in. Just prevent the garbage from crossing HER borders into the rest of the country.

          1. And what about the 47% of the citizens that gave blood sweat and tears to retain a Republican governor? I wish it was that simple!!!?

          2. not everyone in New Mexico voted for her. Most people here despise her and did not vote for her.

        2. Me recommendation in that case is for the adjoining states to use their National Guard troops on their border to contain the illegals in NM! That dufus deserves to be taken physically into custody and put in prison…solitary confinement!!!

  2. How about letting the people who are building the wall with private funds on private land continue and finish their section of the wall. And the governor of New Mexico needs to quit crying and begging for money from the Federal government. She needs to put the National guard back on the border and shut the FU(# up…..


  4. Trump could have just federalized the troops and overruled the governor. So glad he didn’t. Now she will pay for her stupidity.

      1. Not true. National Guard can be called to Active Federal Service in emergencies or time of war without declaring Martial Law. Barring that they work for the Governor of their respective state. Also, posse comitatis laws affects federal troops. NG operates in their states under a different Title and are able to affect arrest of civilians when ordered by the governor. She can call them to active duty to assist along her border and protect her citizens but she is too incompetent and her hatred and ideology rules her decision making. Remember, demonicrats base their decisions on their feelings and never worry about the second and third order of effects.

        1. state active duty is different from federal active duty, the national guard has two roles in a state one for the governor and one for the federal government. it is called a dual purpose force.

        2. I know a Army National Gaurdsman, they got their funding from the federal government to train in Germany and she took most of the funds! The only people she is treating good are the illegals!

        3. National Guard is under title 32 when ordered for state. Title 10 for active duty. Federal troops or regular Army is strictly under the POTUS

      2. One does not “declare” posse coumatatas (sic) comitatus btw. Posse comitatus is the law which prevents using the military in a law enforcement capacity unless martial (not Marshall) law is declared.

        1. That only applies to active duty regular branch. The National Guard is under state governor when under title 32 and has same power as state police. That is what happened in Katrina 2005.

    1. It is sad that those who did not vote for her and do not support her must endure the problems she has caused all citizens of the state.

  5. Was planning a move to New Mexico this summer but this will make me rethink my plans completely. I don’t want to live in a state that has a governor actively working against our duly elected government and that puts her constituates in danger and refuses to take responsibility for her actions.

  6. Hope President Trump does not give her any help,it’s fault make her figure it out herself

  7. wow! i would not lift a finger to help this pro abortion pro green deal, and pro sanctuary cities she has done nothing but put our state in danger! dont reimburse her any money used for illegals that was her choice let her pay for it! also she is busing alot of them to Colorado!. but this state is so blue and backwards because of the Democrats brain washing the mexicans and the indians probably and also the blacks its sad beacue this is a beautiful state!

  8. I hope she gets thrown naked, across the border, into a group of coyotes. See how SHE likes being rsped, sodomized, and sold into white slavery! Vile, uppity, arrogant, Democrat B*TCH!

  9. If the potus serves the people he will send them back in. He shouldn’t punish the citizens because of her lack of upholding the constitution. Let everyone there remember her actions and hold her accountable.

  10. Wow! The President Trump haters just never stop. I would not help….she can send her states National Guard back to the border and then after an apology to the citizens of New Mexico then maybe send her some help. SHE DOES NOT DESERVE IT BUT THE CITIZENS OF NEW MEXICO DO!

  11. To badd so sad !! You let your hatred for a president that sent help for your so called people that YOU serve , now you let them down, now ask for help. YOU figure it out !! Don’t ask for help , you try to stop them yourself you dumb big headed egotistical democratic know it all .HA HA HA !!!

    1. No schite.

      Liberals not only don’t understand jack excrement, they can’t even see the inevitable consequences when they’re barreling at them like a freight train coming down the tracks.

    Of course President Trump should intervene. The citizenry of New Mexico don’t deserve the fallout of Democratic arrogance, ideology or stupidity. In fact, no state in the Union deserves that. Okay, maybe California.
    Here’s to another term President Trump!!

    1. Why??? It’s the CITIZENS of New Mexico who voted her in!! Let them suffer their OWN idiotic decisions!!!

      1. Not all of them voted her in. There are republicans that did not vote for her who are being punished by her actions.

        1. They are free to move out of NM, I guarantee there are places in more conservative states that would he happy to take them in.

    2. Ummm, Vincent- “The citizenry of New Mexico” ARE who voted her in office! The majority are complicit in the Democratic arrogance, ideology and stupidity! The adjoining state’s governors should seal their borders with NM so she cannot bus the illegals to another state!

  13. I hate to see her constituents suffer for her ignorance so make her an offer: She resigns and the state gets the help they need.

  14. If she’s sincere, she will see to it that Sunland Park lifts the cease and desist order that has stopped construction of the WeBuildTheWall wall, which was privately funded.

    And she needs to get the Guard back on the border-she has the power to do it. And NM needs to foot that bill. God knows we Texans are paying thru the nose for all of the illegals SHE let in.

  15. Why??? It’s the CITIZENS of New Mexico who voted her in!! Let them suffer their OWN idiotic decisions!!!

  16. This is what happens when you elect Democrats for a job that requires an adult. You get childish nonsense and insanity. You’d think people would’ve learned after the 8 nightmare years of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

  17. The election that put Grisham in as governor wasRIGGEDto begin with ! It was the party members in the Northern New Mexico that put her in . but it is the Southern half of the state suffering. Grisham is the most dispicable person to try to “rule” other people.

  18. Crying wolf to early now she sees the error of her ways .. to bad to sad hope she only gets a talk to the hand from Mr President Trump

  19. We are trying. But the New Mexico Constitution states that it’s citizens can’t without the approval of both Houses of New Mexico’s Roundhouse, NM’s Secretary of State, and NM’s Attorney General Both Houses of the Roundhouse have a 70%/30% control by Democrats, and the SOS and AG are Democrats. They will do nothing to remove her. Because she in her Elitist Mind, will sign anything they send her. The SoS would be fully exposed to the fact she helped steal the 2nd Congressional Seat, by allowing illegal immigrants votes to be counted in the 2018 election. Which also aided her buddy the Democrat Governor to be elected as well.

  20. It’s in our State Constitution. Zero way around it. Some friends are going to demand her resignation if she becomes the Democrat Nominee for Tom Udahl’s seat in the US Senate.

  21. Well, On both accounts my answer if i were Trump is NO> why? 1st You didn’t want our help nor your national guards help when it would have been extended. 2nd How would I know since you are Dem. Governor that you are not just setting me up for another fed judge to say… cant do that. SO……………………reap what you sow and be happy.

  22. Governor calling for, help us help us, meanwhile back at the ranch they put a cease and desist order against the Private contractor on Private land that put up a mile long border wall where the Army corp of engineers could not. So…… far as i can see this is just another democratic ploy against the President to get him to make a move, then have the democratic fed judge trample his orders mocking him. Again!

    Let them reap what they sow.!!!!!!

  23. These libtard children would not know how to deal with a good spanking, for they never grew up with learning discipline.
    This is why we have a bunch of wild idiots trying to rule our Government, and ruin the world.

  24. I think president Trump should invite her, her lieutenant governor, all U.S. Representatives and Senators from her state to the white house. Then hold a press conference where she publicly apologizes for fucking up, and asks the President of the United States to please step in and fix her fuck up. This would be on live news coverage. Then all other politicians from her state present in the Rose Garden should have to second her request for federal intervention / support to fix her leftist fucked up mistake.

  25. Sad…. Her actions will have ramifications in any and all states that Border or are near. Arizona, California, Colorado Utah., Vegas… One. Governors actions and the entire US is now at risk. Terrorists , Drug and human trafficing.

    1. Nothing like crapping in your own nest to spite the President, and then asking someone else to clean it up. Typical of the demoncrats.

  26. When all the states around us laughing at our governor. She now is crying and wanting money. shame on her.

  27. First of all, NOT all New Mexico voted for MLG, so please don’t paint us all with the same brush. She is blindly following the Pelosi/Schumer road without thought of what she was doing to the residents of New Mexico. Now she’s begging for help. She needs to return the National Guard troops to the border to alleviate the situation. She needs to stop inviting illegals in and make it a punishable crime to come here illegally. All those people seeking asylum is pure BS. I would like to know where the money came from to help them get here. We, in southern NM are really getting tired of the north imposing their will and ideology on us. I would like to be rid of MLG before she destroys our state.

  28. This is a type of person that makes everyone dislike Hispanics or latinos. In thier eyes it makes us seem uneducated. It also makes us believe a woman CAN NOT do the job. IMPEACH HER. SHE IS A HIPPACRIT, how so you ask? I bet you a nickle she has a fence arpund her property and wont let me live on it for free while she SHE PAY ALL OF MINE AND MY CHILDRENS, GRANDCHILDRENS NEEDS. (what a way to prove self ignorance).

  29. If this article is truth, then any additional money they send to New Mexico should have a stipulation that she make a short video (30 seconds?), stating WHY she has changed her mind and why she needs additional border security. EVERYONE needs to see that mea culpa and know how this issue is effecting that state/region. Make her admit her previous folly, that she was wrong for having turned troops away from the border, and that Trump is right about the crisis.
    For the life of me, I will never understand why border security has become so divisive.

  30. She is living off of the fumes of Republican financial success in leadership … she will be like Newsom and suck the state into deep debt and lawlessness.

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