Illegal Alien Convicted of Beheading Found NOT Guilty Due to ‘Mental Illness,’ Victim’s Son Blasts ‘Insane’ Ruling

by Brian Hayes | BorderPAC

An illegal alien who was convicted by a jury of first-degree, premeditated murder for beheading his girlfriend in Minnesota has been declared not guilty due to his mental illness by a state judge.

This, despite the fact that the girlfriend had told him she wanted to break up with him – and he told a friend he was going to behead her – the very definition of 1st degree murder.

As usual, in deranged”blue” states, it is never over until the illegal alien wins, no matter what the cost.

TheBlaze has more:

Alexis Saborit, 42, was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder in May. However, Judge Caroline Lennon ruled on Monday that Saborit was not guilty due to his mental illness.

The judge cited psychologists who determined that Saborit’s “mental illness prevented him from understanding his actions were morally wrong.”

CBS News reported, “Two doctors analyzed Saborit’s case and determined he ‘was suffering from mental illness to the extent that it prevented him from understanding the moral wrongfulness of his actions during the alleged offense.'”

The judge said Saborit’s medical history included traumatic brain injury from a 2017 car crash, “symptoms of mania in conjunction with psychosis,” “significant history” of non-compliance with prescribed treatments, and hospitalizations in 2013 for “bizarre delusions.”

On July 28, 2021, Saborit was driving to a court appearance with his 55-year-old girlfriend America Thayer. Saborit attacked Thayer with an 8-pound dumbbell.

Saborit – an illegal immigrant from Cuba – used a machete to behead his girlfriend. He then dumped her decapitated body on the sidewalk in Shakopee, Minnesota. The gruesome beheading happened in broad daylight in front of several witnesses.

Thayer allegedly told Saborit that she wanted to end their 12-year relationship. According to his indictment, Saborit told a friend, “I’m going to chop her f***ing head off” with a laugh just days before the decapitation.

Thayer’s son, Charles Thayer, is furious that Saborit was not being sent to prison.

“It is tough to understand how somebody can commit cold-blooded murder, plan to do it, tell everyone they’re going to do it, have a motive to do it, and then somehow be considered insane,” Charles Thayer told KMSP-TV.

“I just don’t know what world or society we are living in anymore,” Charles added. “I just want this to be over with, for myself and my family.”

He continued, “This is your typical tell-tale abusive man controlling a relationship for many, many years. And I cannot even tell you how many times the cops were called for him beating the crap out of her.”

Thayer brought a large photo of his mother to court, but Saborit allegedly wouldn’t look at it.

“He didn’t make any eye contact at all,” Thayer said. “He is obviously very ashamed of what he did. He killed the only person in the world that cared about this guy.”

Saborit will be held at the Scott County Jail until he is transferred to a psychiatric care facility.

Here is a local news report on the truly insane ruling:


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  1. He will be given the judgment in the Spiritual Court Above on the Great Judgement Day. Justice will prevail and punishment will be eternal.

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