Mexican Senator Threatens Takeover of U.S. States

by Brian Hayes

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is making overtures toward the Trump administration in the wake of a threat by the White House to levy tariffs if Mexico doesn’t do something about illegal immigration.

However, one Mexican senator has a different tack for dealing with the threat: Take over some American states.

Félix Salgado Macedonio probably wasn’t thinking things through serious when he took to Twitter to first insult the President of the United States, and then propose taking back the territory the United States won in the Mexican-American War back in the 19th century.

However, the rhetoric is not what anyone wants to hear — particularly after Macedonio personally insulted Trump even before he went all irredentist.

“Trump corn hairs, do not think we’re afraid of you,” Macedonio began, according to a Google translation of his tweet. (“Pelos de elote,” or “corn hairs,” is a colloquial insult that means “unattractive hair.” Because, get it? He noticed that Trump’s hair can be mocked. No one’s ever thought of that one before.)

“Mexicans are in our territory (California, Nevada, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Wyoming) We are going to recover our territory that was stolen,” he continued.

He then saluted Lopez Obrado, who is often known by an acronym made up of his four initials: “Viva AMLO, bastards!”

Of all the possible reactions to a looming trade war between the United States and Mexico, this may indeed be the worst. There’s nothing like a threatened border incursion against a country with the most powerful military in the world.

Can’t you just see the Trump administration now? “Oh, well. One Mexican senator is threatening us with invasion. Better call off those tariffs.”

Not bloody likely.

Yet, Macedonio isn’t just some random lawmaker shooting off at the mouth. He’s currently serving as the president of the Comisión de Defensa Nacional (National Defense Commission) in the Mexican Senate, according to his official webpage. He also sits on several other committees.

In other words, this isn’t the Maxine Waters of Mexico. This is a man who holds a major position in electoral leadership, including heading up the Mexican Senate’s defense committee — and he’s on Twitter talking about taking back the territory his country lost well over a century and a half ago. (Apparently, Macedonio isn’t terribly familiar with international law or the concept of “right of conquest.” He might also not be aware the United States paid Mexico for the land it acquired at the end of the war.)

The rest of his tweet, oddly, seems to be devoted to praise for AMLO.

Lopez Obrador, however, is singing a very different tune – trying to appease President Trump and avoid devastating tariffs that will hit his country within days if he does not comply with Trump’s demad to stop illegal migration through Mexico.

In fact, at a news conference today, the Mexican president said he was open to the idea of tightening illegal migration in order to avoid the cumulative tariffs the Trump administration is proposing.

“The main thing is to inform about what we’re already doing on the migration issue, and if it’s necessary to reinforce these measures without violating human rights, we could be prepared to reach that deal,” Obrador said, according to Reuters. He also said he was hopeful that trade talks between the two countries this week in Washington would prove fruitful.

Not on the agenda, clearly, was the threat of trying to take back the states lost in the Mexican-American War. This was apparently lost on Macedonio.

There’s also another irony to Macedonio’s tweet: This is all because Mexico is unable or unwilling to secure its own (relatively small) Southern border. If it can’t, or won’t, do that, how exactly does Macedonio plan to get all of those American states back?

“AMLO” better get his people in line, and stop these caravans from moving freely across Mexican tyerroritoty to the United States.

Otherwise, on June 10 — when the first round of 5 percent tariffs is scheduled to take effect — the hammer is going to come down, and hard.

40 thoughts on “Mexican Senator Threatens Takeover of U.S. States

  1. ?All I can say is be careful Mexico! We are a kind nation……but don’t make threats you cant keep!!!!!!.

    1. It really doesn’t pay to poke the bear. The sleeping giant has been awakened and people better watch out.

  2. The Mexican govt. has lost control of 80% of its own territory, it’s laughable to think it could do much with the SW states. Technically I am in favor of giving CA back to them, but only provided we declare war on Mexico then the following month.

    In reality we should be seizing a sizeable chunk of northern Mexico in return for hosting millions of its citizens, and in retribution for Mexico’s aiding millions of crimmigrants to transit into the US from all over the world. Mexico is no friend of the US, it is closer to the opposite. We should seize the northern part of Mexico and Baja as a buffer zone and impose martial law on it.

    We can resettle all the crimmigrants into that area.

    1. We could take a 5 mile swath and fill it with land mines. It would be our new land mine test

  3. Hey Mexico, we have plenty of bullets and consider you to be invaders. You are a filthy, Godless, crime-ridden 4th world nation and should be nuked out of existence. Would love the opportunity to blow you all away!

    1. solve the immigration issue – start killing a few – men woman kids – once you kill 10-20 it stops – they are the enemy just kill them no mercy

    2. Beautiful country we should’ve taken over after the Alamo, wasted on third world degenerates. Wouldn’t take much to send them packing down to Guatamala and south.

  4. Hey Senor Macedonio,

    One would think that with a puss as purely revolting as yours, you might go a little easy with the appearance jokes, fatty.

    Besides, we have flush toilets, soap, shampoo and other hygiene articles which might benefit you greatly, Fatty.

  5. First, off, $15 million in 1848- treaty of Guadalupe -Hidalgo. Mexico lost the battle and land-525,000 sq. miles which is modern day Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. Also, Mexico gave up ALL claims to Texas. Now, 2nd – Oklahoma was part of the louisiana purchase from France- also no mans land and soon became indian territory.Now, Mexico get over yourselves and grow up. Mexicos president and reps back them sold mexico out and the usa did not steal land from them. YOU LOST- GET OVER IT!
    By the way if you want to come to us- become a citzen by the LEGAL way- apply for citizenship, otherwise stay home.

  6. called The North American Union, ie take over of the U.S. and distribute the states to various countries. Kill most of the American people. U.S. Internment (concentration) camps already around the U.S., in every state. They believe brown people are better workers and want to get rid of whites and blacks. from various. Don’t give up your guns. Build the Wall now. Let people know. Ignore fake news or use strong discretion and put together the various ways alternative news is being stifled. Notice Trump constantly being put into various types of road blocks trying to stop some of these issues, ex various trying to let the aliens into the U.S. Why do we all of a sudden have 3rd world conditions? Why do we have old killing diseases coming back into the U.S.? Why is much of our food not the way it used to be? On and On. It’s called the New World Order and this invasion is, think about it.

    1. America died long ago. The transformation is all that’s happening now. The Treasury has been drained. The Land has been sold off. The Gold has been sold and shipped off. The structure once strong and solid, has been decayed, cannibalized, and now is crumbling into final collapse.

      The Federal Reserve Corporation Central Bank was the Tick sucking the blood out of the host. America being the host, has now been drained of all assets, finances, and real estate.

      1913, the year England took back the Colonies. They destroyed America as they said they would do.

  7. THERE IS A GIANT ASTEROID COMING ,and its going to hit parts of america ,THEY KNOWS ITS COMING,Martial Law will be imposed on the country,THEN OBAMA and the demonrats will take over the country,IF YOUR NOT READY TO FIGHT, OR YOUR TO CHICKENSHIT TO FIGHT,your going to DIE in the WAR,and ONLY THE LORDS KNOWS where you’ll go from there,GET OFF THE COASTS,this is more serious then a heart attack…STOCK UP ON FOOD, WATER,AND A LOT OF AMMO,everything will stop,THE LORD says this war will last FIVE YEARS,are you ready for a war that long???

  8. Let do this . Get them out now . And you don’t and one of my family members are killed because of a out break . I’m not stopping with the mexican. The only reason there here is to lower the cost of workers which hurts all Americans.

  9. Here is what I don’t get. We have heard over the years about certain Mexicans wanting their old territory back. So, they hold on to old grievances. The question is: Why do they still speak Spanish then? They are continuing to speak the language of a country who conquered them. Some of them are ok with being called “Spanish” people. What gives… Spain isn’t even close to what they were a couple of centuries ago…

    1. I know people from Spain, they say Mexicans aren’t Latinos or Speak Spanish. Mexicans are Mexicans, be proud of who you are.

  10. Macedonio may have just accidentally admitted what the plan has been all along. This is what the Democrats have planned and are now instituting through the North American Union to give back the states bought from Mexico as a means of creating a “Union” of Nations within the Global Government and the New World Order.

  11. Let this Coward tried it, and will be raising the American Flag over Mexico City by Happy Hour time

  12. Perfect storm brewing… Just know this is all a show in DC… Their masters want global war. And they will have their little puppets say and doing anything to get it….

  13. Let’s this Big Mouth Coward try it, and our Marines will be raising our American Flag over Mexico City by Happy Hour

  14. This gentlemen has no idea what hes talking about in regards to Oklahoma. We bleed red from coast too coast.

  15. Mexico..Trust Me…You don’t want to Poke This Bear !! We would swoop down on your rag tag country faster than the Gulf War lasted. We would turn you country into a Penal Colony and ship All our felons there to Work as Slaves making & growing the things we need !! Got it ?

  16. Oi Este é meu 1º comentar aqui, então eu só queria dar
    um alô rápido e dizer eu realmente desfrutar lendo seu posts do blog .
    Você pode recomendar qualquer outros blogs/sites/fóruns que rever o mesmo assuntos ?
    Muito obrigado !

  17. Try you stupid s.o.b and not only will our military chew you up but you have about 700 million gun owners who are willing to put boot to ass for our country

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