Refugee Center in Upstate NY Overwhelmed by Illegal Aliens from Africa

by Brian Hayes

Migrants from Central Africa are streaming across our porous border. And unlike prior arrivals, who tried applying for asylum upon entry, these Africans are skipping that process and locating themselves to any communities they want to invade.

A recent wave headed North to Buffalo, NY, and has rapidly overwhelmed local facilities that deal with alleged refugees.

The sympathetic local reporter at WKBW.COM reports on the mass influx:

Jericho Road Community Health Center has been taking in refugees for years, but they’re dealing with something unprecedented, now.

They are taking in a huge influx of people seeking to gain refugee status.

“This is a relatively new phenomenon from anything I can tell,” said chief program officer Anna Mongo. “Rather than going to camps and coming (into the United States), people are figuring out ways to come here directly and essentially ask for asylum after they’re here.”

The shelter received a 250% influx in asylum-seekers over the past 10 days.

Mongo admitted, “These are not people who are wasting time with the system, it’s well known that refugees are coming from the Congo.”

According to multiple reports, several large groups of illegal aliens coming across the border into the US from Mexico are actually Africans.  WKBW reported that the refugee center in Buffalo was told to expect 8 families, and received 100 people from Congo, who had flown from Africa to Brazil, then made their way north through Mexico and into the United States.

Stunningly, the reporter shows only one side of the Congolese illegals — accepting at face value that they are “desperate” — despite reports from the border that these folks are well-fed and clothed, and many are carrying “wads of $100 bills” (as FoxNews’ Laura Ingraham exposed last week).

Watch at the end of her report where she actually solicits donations from viewers to give to the non-profit that helps them get “asylum”…

Not once does she ask local residents if they want the Congolese in their community. Not once does she ask about Ebola, and mention the fact that NONE of these people have been checked for that or other diseases.

She also does not even solicit the opinion of ICE or DHS on this matter. Just liberal advocacy for unlimited influx of illegal migrants.

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